Esl report card comments bank

When teachers talk about the joys of teaching, I'm pretty sure they aren't talking about report card writing.

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It may just rank right up there with indoor recess, yard duty, and staff meetings. But report cards don't have to be such a pain.

Here are a few report card general principles, followed by my handy dandy list of editable go-to phrases A report card's main purpose is to inform parents about their child's progress.

While there should be no major surprises BIG issues should have already been discussed with the child's parentsregardless of how well the child is doing or how poorly, the report card should be an honest reflection of that child's performance. Having said that, of course we want to word things in a way that is as positive as we can be and in a way that is encouraging, offering suggestions for improvement, rather than discouragement.

If the child is doing well overall Unfortunately, not all kids are Einsteins or angels, and we have to mention some areas that need improvement. That's when we use the magical format, which is Start with a compliment Seriously though, every child has attributes we can praise, even the most challenging kids.

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End on a positive note. Report card time is crunch time and when we're trying to speed through things and get them done, those nasty little typos pop up where we least expect them. Do make sure to double check everything before you hit print and send them home. All communication to parents is seen as a reflection of ourselves as teachers, and should be as perfect as we can make it. I do hope that this list was helpful. Did you find any new ones here that you might try? Let me know too, if you have a favorite comment that I missed.

Classroom Ideas. Be Truthful but Kind A report card's main purpose is to inform parents about their child's progress. Follow the Magical Format If the child is doing well overall Proofread and Check and Proofread Again Report card time is crunch time and when we're trying to speed through things and get them done, those nasty little typos pop up where we least expect them.

Now that we've the principles are out of the way, here is my list of report card comments. I've tried to include a wide variety of comments for the wide variety of ability levels and behavioral issues of the kids that we teach in our classrooms.

Thanks for stopping by! Facebook Pinterest. Recent Blogs. Read More. Join the conversation!When writing report card commentsfocus on the student's existing strengths and look for ways to motivate the student to improve in areas of weakness by providing advice. The following phrases and statements can help you tailor your comments for each specific student. Writing report card comments designed to instill ambition within students can empower them to make positive changes.

Try to provide specific examples, tailored to the subjectwhenever you can to make your report card comments more personal. Phrases should present information n a straightforward manner about the students' classroom temperament, giving suggestions for improvements when possible:. Comments should be both celebratory and constructive when appropriate. Give examples of what works well for students, recognize areas in which they truly excel, and provide information not only on what needs to be improved but how the student can improve in those areas.

Spend time reflecting not just on grades but also the student's actions in class. Participation is often a significant portion of the grading model, and your comments should address the level of a student's participation, such as "remains an active learner throughout the school day and is enthusiastic about participating.

Students who are always well-prepared for class and have strong organization study habits can benefit from being reminded that this simple, yet important, skill is recognized and appreciated.

esl report card comments bank

Similarly, students who aren't prepared, rush their work, or need to stay on task more need to know that this behavior is noticed and is not condoned. Your comments can provide clear recognition of skills and give parents insight into areas in which students need to improve.

How a student works with peers and makes friends can be reflective of their personalities, and what they need in order to succeed in life.

esl report card comments bank

Your comments should reflect the student's abilities to work in groups, individually, and if they are good citizens. Pay attention to how students interact with each other not just in the classroom, but also on the field and at recess, where they often don't feel like the teachers are directly supervising.

Here are some helpful words to include in your report card comment section: aggressive, ambitious, anxious, confident, cooperative, dependable, determined, developing, energetic, emerging, friendly, generous, happy, helpful, imaginative, improving, neat, observant, pleasant, polite, prompt, quiet, receptive, reliant, resourceful. Stress the positive attributes and list "goals to work on" to notify the parents about the negatives.

Use words such as "requires," "struggles," or "seldom" to show when a child needs extra help. Introduce areas in need of work in a way that won't make parents feel like you're criticizing the student unnecessarily.

You can tweak any of the phrases above to indicate an area of improvement by adding the word "Needs to. Share Flipboard Email.

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Report Card Comments & Phrases—Personality & Attitude

Attitude and Personality. Participation and Behavior. Time Management and Work Habits. General Learning and Social Skills. Helpful Words. Addressing Areas in Need of Improvement. Janelle Cox.

esl report card comments bank

Education Expert. Janelle Cox, M. Updated October 27, Key Takeaways: Report Card Comments Stress positive attributes Use words such as "requires," "struggles," or "seldom" to show when a child needs extra help Introduce areas in need of work in a way that won't make parents feel like you're criticizing the student unnecessarily, for example, list negative comments under a comments section titled "goals to work on" Supportive and detailed comments can provide parents with ways to partner with you to make students feel empowered to do better.

Has a good attitude toward school.

These 2 Files Will Save You Hours on Report Card Comments

Is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. Strives to reach his full potential. Shows initiative and thinks things through for herself.The tool found on this page will offer you a selection of randomly chosen comments from our database.

100 Report Card Comments You Can Use Now

You can choose which ones you want to use and build the comment for your student in the order you want. We know that some schools don't allow negative honest comments in their report cards and require teachers to put a positive spin on every student no matter what their attitude or behaviour.

Please choose from the three options below they type of comments you wish to use for your student in this report. Anything Goes Any comments are OK. We will show you the good and the bad. Mostly Positive The comments will be weighted towards the top end. Only Positive Only comments that make your students sound like angels will be shown.

Instructions Click on one of the buttons at the top of the page to change what kind of comments are displayed in the dropdown boxes below. Type the name of the student and select their gender. Optional: Type the name of a subject you have been studying in class if you want to include a subject sentence.

If you're unsatisfied with the comments available for any subject, click the refresh button next to that type.

5 Types of Report Card Comments for Elementary Teachers

Click on each of the dropdown boxes and choose a sentence for each category that you want to include in your report. Press the Finish Comment button to replace all the pronoun and name markers with the correct values. Press the Clear Comment button to clear all data and begin again. Comment Finish Comment Clear Comment Press the Finish comment button to replace name and pronoun markers in the comment with actual values.

Press the clear comment button to clear all text and begin again.

esl report card comments bank

Male Female. Press the Finish comment button to replace name and pronoun markers in the comment with actual values.Drafting ESL report card comments for your second language learners involves taking into account both the academic and social language proficiency levels in the target language.

These ESL report card comments consist mostly of academic language proficiency standards — those elements of English needed for the child to communicate in academic settings, absorb new concepts, analyze complex academic material, and think critically.

Because one of the best practices in ESL instruction involves providing ample opportunities to read, write, listen, and speak in the target language, the following ESL report card comments are divided into those respective categories.

Note that an ESL student in any grade level could be at a beginning stage; English proficiency level is not directly correlated to grade level. Drafting meaningful ESL report card comments for your elementary learners need not be too time-consuming and overwhelming. These comments should provide for you some guidance and speed up the report card comment writing process. Curriculum Requirements Subchapter A. Required Curriculum. Search for:.He will need continual guidance from home and school throughout the rest of the year.

He could improve if he decided to work harder and cooperate more. She is capable of being a successful student with effort. He can do better if he makes his mind up to work harder and complete his assignments. Thank you for your interest in our class. She will find school a much more pleasant place if she can make a positive effort in this area. More Report Card Comments and Phrases. Report Cards: Advice for Parents. You do not need to select a plan or take a free trial in order to use your credits.

Simply search for and open the item that you want. A counter will appear when you view an individual item. Note: the counter will only appear on premium resources, not resources that were already free. These comments and phrases are appropriate for all students across grade levels and are a great time-saver while doing report cards.

They are also a great resource to prepare for parent-teacher conferences. You may also like our end-of-year report card comments for students.

Teaching Strategies:. Manage My Favorites. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Related Resources. Read more. Ever have difficulty thinking of helpful criticism and praise for your students' report cards?

That is, does it communicate clearly and explicitly the steps FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a millennial learning company, reaching hundreds of millions of people across the globe.The Progress Report Card is an opportunity to focus on the growth and the progress your students are making toward the overall expectations.

The emphasis is on assessment for, and as, learning. Teachers will report student progress by checking one of the indicators that most accurately reflects student progress in relation to the overall curriculum expectations through the lens of the "achievement chart" categories. For example, the progress report card provides these indicators:. Comments on the Progress Report Card will provide parents with personalized, clear, and meaningful feedback.

Teachers will use the following three guiding questions to frame their comments for parents:. The comments provided cover only a few grade levels, but you are encouraged to adapt them as you feel necessary to your grade level and subject area.

We welcome future submissions of progress report card comments. OECTA cannot make any assertions that these comments will be acceptable at every board or school, and encourages teachers to refer to your local Growing Success policies before preparing your own comments. For example, the progress report card provides these indicators: Progressing with Difficulty Progressing Well Progressing Very Well Comments on the Progress Report Card will provide parents with personalized, clear, and meaningful feedback.

Teachers will use the following three guiding questions to frame their comments for parents: What were students expected to learn? How do I know they learned it? What will we do to support continued learning? Active Living.

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Healthy Living. Visual Arts. Media Literacy. Data Management. Earth and Space. World Connections. Life Systems.

Heritage and Citizenship.To import into, School Report Writer. Tip - you can paste 20 comments straight into, My comment bank pg. Fast Teacher Reports — Training Video.

School Report Writer. COM was created by Linden Rowland in March and has been continuously developed since in consultation with thousands of teachers around the world.

Development continues in with an emphasis on creating a global free report card comment bank. Try a personal email account or msg us via Facebook or Twitter. Free report comments. My comment bank.

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My lists. Create reports. S chool R eport W riter. File description Subjects:. How to use To import into, School Report Writer. Ads by Google. But e is quick to recognise e is off task and gets back to work. But e quickly returns returns to work after being reminded. But e is quick to recognise they are also off task and sets back to work.

But e quickly returns to work after being reminded.

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Well done N. Way to go N. E followed all instructions.

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E was able to understand and follow all instructions. Thank you and all the best next year. I wish you success in Grade 7. Thank you and have a great summer. All the best in Grade 7 N. I appreciate that.

It is difficult to read at times. I really appreciate the effort. N has produced some work to be extremely proud of. In order to maintain the progress that e is making, N needs to give h full concentration at all times.

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