Moorish law pdf

This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. We wish to expound on how the Moorish Science Temple of America was declared a recognized Free National Government throughout the earth.

Sometimes as Moorish American in this new era of time, we struggle on explaining who we are within such an ignorant and unconscious society being based in the color of law and the concept of Christianity, but In reality, if we teach and do this great work as a government properly does, while 3 running this ecclesiastical body politic and Corporate, then people of all levels will understand by our works and deeds and maybe fulfill on this Divine and National Movement as well.

I will keep the Europeans here long enough to teach you how to run a government. So let's stop begging for what we should be working hard to retrieve but retrieve it ourselves, because the Prophet is keeping the European long enough here to teach us how to run a government.

This is what we should learn how to do. So I wrote this pamphlet to help you realize how serious this Divine and National Movement is and to expound on what our mission is. Our mission is to Uplift Fallen Humanity.

All nations have missions to fulfill and we will appoint missionaries to make certain that those missions are taken 4 care of. So I hope many Moors take from this Pamphlet, a precious value in understanding and knowledge of this Free National Government being incorporated under the Hurds-Smiths Revised States of the State of Illinois as an ecclesiastical body- politic and corporate.

Understanding Your Moorish Constitution and By Laws

The Vatican State was incorporated under this particular act as well since In this basic pamphlet is a very basic concept of the Moorish Science Temple of America. This book is written to the best of my knowledge, if there are corrections that need to be made then please share your opinions with me. A STATE is a people permanently occupying a fixed territory bound together by common-law habits and customs into one body politic exercising, 6 through the medium of an organized government, independent sovereignty and control over all persons and things within it's boundaries capable of making war and peace and of entering into international relations with other communities of the globe.

A political unity, concretely viewed, a State is a body politic possessing sovereignty. This is a good characteristic to describe the Moorish Science temple of America. The Common law habits would be focus towards our practices and chapter 32 7 of the Hurd-Smiths Revised Statutes of the State of Illinois. Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali is a true sovereign.

We are not sovereigns but members of a sovereign body politic and corporate. In comparison with the term State, let's now defined the term body politic. Body politic is defined as a Social compact by which the whole people, covenant with each citizen, and each citizen with the whole people, that all shall be governed by certain laws for the common good. Also, a term applied to a municipal corporation, school district, county, or city, STATE or public associations.

Government derives from the Latin term Gubernaculum. Which is defined as the system of polity in a state; that form of fundamental rules and principals by which a nation or state is governed.

Polity is the form of Government. Whether theocracy, federal, anarchy etc.

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A Theocracy is defined as Government of a state by the immediate direction of God, or by the assumed direction of a supposititious divinity, or the state thus governed. A theocratic entity differs from the form of a secular entity. The Moorish Science Temple of American is a Divine and National Movement that has Divine laws and Holy laws that each members are to uphold and preserve, if they are to earn the name of faithful as afforded by Act 7 of the Moorish Divine Constitution and By-laws.

D at pm.The resolution offered the opinion that free citizens of Morocco were not subject to laws governing blacks and slaves. On January 20,a petition was presented to the South Carolina House of Representatives from a group of four individuals who were subjects of the Moroccan emperor and residents of the state.

They desired that if they happened to commit any fault amenable to be brought to justice, that as subjects to a prince allied with the United States through the Moroccan—American Treaty of Friendshipthey would be tried as citizens instead of under the Negro Act of After this a certain Captain Clark had them delivered to him, promising they would be redeemed by the Moroccan ambassador residing in Englandand returned to their country. Instead, he transported them to South Carolina, and sold them for slaves.

moorish law pdf

Since then, "by the greatest industry," they purchased freedom from their respective masters. They requested that as free born subjects of a Prince in alliance with the U.

If they be found guilty of any crime or misdemeanorthey would receive a fair trial by lawful jury. Edward Rutledge reported from the committee on the petition on the same day and the House agreed to the report, which read as follows Vizt : "They have Considered the same and are of opinion that no Law of this State can in its Construction or Operation apply to them, and that persons who were Subjects of the Emperor of Morocco being Free in this State are not triable by the Law for the better Ordering and Governing of Negroes and other Slaves.

State Records of South Carolina. Journals of the House of Representatives, Michael Stevens, Christine Allen: Pub. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Petition is from a copy probably made in the 19th century. Retrieved Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.This banner text can have markup.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Speaker, I desire at this time to call up Resolution No. Many sons and daughters of that proud and handsome race which inspired the architecture of Northern Africa and carried into Spain the influence of its artistic temperaments have become citizens of this Nation. In the City of Philadelphia there exists a Moorish-American Society made up of Moors who have found here the end of their quest for a home and of the children of those who journeyed here from the plains of Morocco.

This Society has done much to bring about a thorough absorption by these people of those principles which are necessary to make them good American citizens.

moorish law pdf

These Moorish-Americans have since being here missed the use of the titles and name annexations that were so familiar at home and which are used in accordance with the doctrines of the religious faith to which they are adherents therefore be it, Resolved That this House commends the Moorish-American Society of Philadelphia for the efficient service it has rendered the Nation in bringing about a speedy and thorough Americanization of these former Moors and that in accordance with the fullest right of religious independence guaranteed every citizen we recognize also the right of these people to use the name affixes El or Bey or any other prefix or suffix to which they have heretofore been accustomed to use or which they may hereafter acquire the right to use.

On the question, Will the House adopted the resolution? It was adopted. For the wakeful die no; whereas those who are heedless are as if dead already. If you are not aware, this notice is to make you aware of the said trust existence, its' benefits to you; and, to invite you to participate in its performance.

As Moorish-Americans "Blacks", or "African -Americans", are the primary beneficiary of an extremely extensive fee simple estate conveyed to us in an express trust that was duly created inby the trustor, Noble Drew Ali, for our economical, political and social redemption and regeneration.

The said trust was duly created in conjunction with the Statute of Frauds and Perjuries and the Parol Evidence Rule, and the legal requirements of the state of Illinois, pursuant to the laws and Constitution of the United States. That is to say, the said trust was lawfully created and is readily verifiable. The land, or fee simple estate, actually conveyed to us in the express trust is a legacy of our forefathers — our birthright.

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According to the deed of conveyance, it comprises the entire continental United States among other territories, it was put in the legal institution know as an express trust to safeguard it, and thereby duly conveyed to us. I have actual possession of the title-deed thereto.

And, accordingly, I, as trustee, have initiated the express trust performance. An important legal phase of the trust performance is presently before the State of Maryland Court of Special Appeal.

Case No. CAL Examine the accompanying pretrial statement filed in the case by the trustee July 22, ; therein are described some of the primary issues tried before the court December 17, ; issues related directly to you as a Moorish-American, "Black", "African-American", etc.

This is important to us; not only because it is our social security for the 21st century; it is who we are; it's our vast estate; our divine destiny; it's GOD'S WILL. The quantity of the estate the Prophet Noble Drew Ali as trustor put in the express trust he created for the Moors in is a fee simple estate; sometimes called a fee simple absolute. The term "fee simple" defines the largest estate in land known to the law and necessarily implies absolute dominion over the land.


There can be only one estate in fee simple to a a particular tract of land. An estate in fee simple may be had either in corporeal or incorporeal hereditaments. A grant of the fee simple, however, carries with it everything within or belonging to the land, in the absence of exception or reservation. Since an estate in fee simple implies absolute sovereignty over the land, the power of alienation is necessarily and inseparably incidental thereto, and an unlimited condition of restraint of alienation attached to such an estate is void.

In some jurisdiction the definition of a fee simple estate is statutory. Some of the authorities define the estate from the standpoint of defining the owner or holder thereof, and likewise disclose the unlimited duration of a fee simple interest by stating that a tenant in fee simple is one who has lands or tenements to hold to him and his heirs forever. In the United States the common-law rule requiring words of inheritance in a conveyance to pass a fee simple has never been applied to conveyance to a trustee.

moorish law pdf

The estate taken by a trustee is measured by the trust, and not by the presence or absence of words of inheritance. Hence in any particular grant to a trustee if a fee simple title is necessary to the performance of the trust, a fee simple passes, even though the word "heirs" was not used in the conveyance.Moorish American Treasury.

Send an email to a Consul in your regeion. Click Here To Download. People of nations open opportunities and solve problems with other nations through their Consulates. Moorish American Consulates were erroneously and criminally shut down, but are now being restored. They were all corporate entities. Moors, this is our prime time to step up and set up our Consular Courts and FREE our Moors that have been subjucted to human trafficking!

Amir Taj Tariq Bey. This group was formed in January to restore Moorsh American Consulates that corporate President, Dwyght Eisenhower shut down in The trauma of the Secret Treaty of Verona; the Christan Black Codes, Roman Curior efforts, the Rothschild's banking cartel and many more constructs have been systematically used to steal the birthrights of the Moors. Those birth right threats against the Moors are losing momentum quickly at a time when the Moors are waking up.

Moors from all over the world are participating in this effort with the goal of establishing a fully operational network of Moorish American consulates throughout the Americas and world - wherever the Empire of Morocco has a footprint.

Weekly Meeting Locations. Demetrius Barca Bey. Moorish American Consulate. Vizir Mohamnaden Judge. New York Post Head. Care Of.

Moorish Science Temple of America

Faatima Yasmeen El Basir Bey. Care Of City Hall Philadelphus. Tuesday's PM. Brandi Yamina Anevay Bey.He based it on the premise that African Americans are descendants of the Moabites and thus are " Moorish " sometimes also spelled "Muurish" by adherents by nationality, and Islamic by faith.

Ali put together elements of major traditions to develop a message of personal transformation through historical education, racial pride and spiritual uplift. His doctrine was also intended to provide African Americans with a sense of identity in the world and to promote civic involvement. One primary tenet of the Moorish Science Temple is the belief that African Americans are of "Moorish" descent, specifically from the "Moroccan Empire". According to Ali, this area included other countries that today surround Morocco.

Moorish Law

To join the movement, individuals had to proclaim their "Moorish nationality. In religious texts, adherents refer to themselves racially as "Asiatics," as the Middle East is also western Asia. After some difficulties, Ali moved to Chicagoestablishing a center there, as well as temples in other major cities. The movement expanded rapidly during the late s. The quick expansion of the Moorish Science Temple arose in large part from the search for identity and context among black Americans at the time of the Great Migration to northern and midwestern cities, as they were becoming an urbanized people.

Competing factions developed among the congregations and leaders, especially after the death of the charismatic Ali.

Three independent organizations developed from this ferment. The founding of the Nation of Islam by Wallace Fard Muhammad in also created competition for members. In the s membership was estimated at 30, with one third in Chicago.

During the postwar years, the Moorish Science Temple of America continued to increase in membership, albeit at a slower rate. Drew Ali reported that during his travels, he met with a high priest of Egyptian magic. In one version of Drew Ali's biography, the leader saw him as a reincarnation of the founder.

In others, he claims that the priest considered him a reincarnation of Jesusthe BuddhaMuhammad and other religious prophets. According to the biography, the high priest trained Ali in mysticism and gave him a "lost section" of the Quran. It is also known as the " Circle Seven Koran " because of its cover, which features a red "7" surrounded by a blue circle.

Chapters 20 through 45 are borrowed from the Rosicrucian work, Unto Thee I Grant with minor changes in style and wording. They are instructions on how to live, and the education and duties of adherents. The fallen sons and daughters of the Asiatic Nation of North America need to learn to love instead of hate; and to know of their higher self and lower self.

This is the uniting of the Holy Koran of Mecca for teaching and instructing all Moorish Americans, etc. The key of civilization was and is in the hands of the Asiatic nations.

moorish law pdf

Drew Ali and his followers used this material to claim, "Jesus and his followers were Asiatic. He suggested that all Asiatics should be allied. Drew Ali crafted Moorish Science from a variety of sources, a "network of alternative spiritualities that focused on the power of the individual to bring about personal transformation through mystical knowledge of the divine within".

His approach appealed to thousands of African Americans who had left severely oppressive conditions in the South through the Great Migration and faced struggles in new urban environments.

Ali believed that African Americans are all Moorswhom he claimed were descended from the ancient Moabites describing them as belonging to Northwest Africa as opposed to Moab as the name suggests.If you cannot purchase any of the materials listed using a credit card, See below for other options:.

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The materials provided are for information purposes only. If you need legal advice you are recommended to consult an attorney. If you need legal verification you are recommended to consult a certified Paralegal.

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