Multiple mini interview question bank

Below, we have prepared sample questions to get you started. We have helped thousands of candidates over the last decade to learn strategies for answering MMI prompts effectively.

Robert Astroff, in consultation with doctors and other healthcare professionals who have expertise in MMI preparation.

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Please note: These questions were designed by Astroff Consultants Inc. Thank you. A close friend in one of your university classes tells you that his mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

He feels overwhelmed by his studies and is considering dropping his courses to spend more time with his mother. How do you counsel your friend? Discuss one of your pastimes outside of school and how the skills you acquired from this activity will help you in your career. Joe is a pizza delivery worker. The pizza shop he works for has a 30 minutes or less delivery guarantee or else the customer does not have to pay.

There is no one else around and the woman seems to be unable to move by herself. However, Joe knows that if he returns empty handed again, he will be fired from this job which he most desperately needs. What do you think Joe should do? Justify your solution in terms of practical and ethical considerations. Among other experimental flaws, critics cite a small sample size in the original evidence used to support LT.

As a healthcare policy maker, your job is to weigh the pros and cons in approving novel drugs and therapies. Please discuss the issues you would consider during an approval process for LT. Because of federal and provincial subsidy policies and return-of-service agreements, international medical graduates IMGs now make up an increasingly large proportion of rural doctors.

As a consequence, the shortage of doctors in rural areas has prompted many family medicine residencies to increase their quotas for IMGs in their programs. Effectively, this development is leading to a relative reduction in spots available for Canadian medical graduates.

Please discuss the pros and cons of such a development. You are a family physician seeing Jane, a 67 year old woman with a recent history of multiple fragility fractures. You diagnose her with osteoporosis and prescribe some bisphosphonate drugs and other pharmacological treatments. Jane tells you that she has heard some good things over the internet about alternative medicine treatments such as Chinese medicine, and she is adamant on trying these as well.We are constantly updating this database and will be adding new Medicine MMI interview questions and answers throughout the year.

In this database we focus solely on MMI interview questions and answers, you can find questions and answers to traditional Medicine interview questions in our comprehensive general Medicine Interview Questions database. For each MMI question, we explain what examiners are trying to assess. We then cover how to approach answering each MMI interview question and advise on common mistakes to avoid in your answer. Finally, we provide examples of competent answers to each medical school MMI interview question.

For a comprehensive guide to excelling in the medical school interview, our instantly downloadable medicine interview book, covers all aspects of the medicine interview from NHS hot topics to extensive MMI and traditional interview questions and answers.

The ward round is due to start shortly. The nurse tells you that she thinks that the consultant is drunk. How do you proceed?

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Tips, Sample Question + Detailed Answer

This is a very common and well-known medicine mmi interview question for both applicants to medical students and even consultant interviews.

Medicine mmi interview questions like this assess if you have the right attitudes to become a doctor and can recognise that different situations may evoke ethical and other considerations. In this case patient safety, your role in the team and raising concerns etc. Do you appreciate the sensitivities this situation raises, i. To demonstrate these things, you should not rush into giving a final answer, thinking this is all the interviewers are looking for, as doing so will not allow you to show the other things interviewers are looking for that we have just discussed.

When handling questions on issues with colleagues, witnessing poor medical care or on ethical questions you can use the SPIES framework. Remember, you do not need to stick to the structure of any frameworks rigidly — they are designed to serve as a memory aid about what elements to include in your answer.

In many cases, they provide a sensible structure to order your answer in, but not always. Seek Info — Do not rush to conclusions, seek info first and establish the facts. Patient safety — Is it jeopardised? This should always be your first concern. Initiative — Can you do anything yourself? Escalate — Ask your seniors or involve colleagues as needed. Support — Can you support the individual? GMC guidance also states that doctors must have insight into their own actions and suitability to practice.

This shows your background knowledge and insight into medicine, and will make for a very strong answer. However, mitigating circumstances are for the senior doctors who will investigate and meet with the consultant later to deal with and also provide some support for.

Furthermore, if they have a problem, you are not doing the person any favour by allowing them to bury this under the carpet. If an adverse outcome happens as a result of overlooking this, then you have a role in this as you overlooked this situation.

What if the consultant is a family member or close friend? This does not change any of your duties as a doctor.

The issue is just as serious.The Multiple Mini-Interview MMI format is used by some medical schools as an alternative to the traditional personal interview format. The approach is believed to reduce interviewer bias and primarily evaluates important skills utilized by successful health care professionals. The links below provide information about MMI history, sample questions, prompts used by interviewers, and qualities sought by medical schools.

Utility Navigation Quick Menu I want to Search Portland State Enter the terms you wish to search for. University Career Center. Includes a list of attributes sought in medical school applicants.

MMI Interview Samples. Includes a table outlining station types, sample questions, and how candidates will be evaluated. Also includes pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy ethical prompts.

Also lists key physician competencies identified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

multiple mini interview question bank

From the Michael G. The Appendix of this article p. Eva, Harold I. Norman in Academic Medicine ; Medical Education Appendix 1 includes a sample MMI question, description of what the question is designed to convey, and prompt questions. Article is available by signing in to the Millar Library. Descriptions of the types of stations discussion, acting, collaboration, and written and suggestions for responding can be found on slides Make an Appointment.

Follow us on: Facebook. Events Wednesday, Apr Thursday, Apr Candidates typically exhibit anxiety in anticipation of challenging questions that may arise. Many people have difficulty formulating logical, cohesive, polished answers within the allotted preparation time prior to the start of each station. How well you perform during the actual interview and whether you will ultimately succeed in gaining admission to medical school or another healthcare profession is in large measure linked to the preparation you do in advance.

You should aim to answer the questions in a manner that demonstrates that you are capable of being an excellent student and thereafter, an outstanding professional e. Make a list of the attributes that you believe are essential for success, such as integrity and the ability to think critically.

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Practice integrating these key attributes into your answers. Many students experience difficulty with pacing and effectively answering the question in the allotted time.

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Remember that once the bell has sounded, the interview must end immediately even if the candidate is not finished. Therefore, proper pacing is essential. Practice 7 to 8 minute presentations in advance of your interview to get comfortable with timing. Ensure that you wear a watch that clearly displays the time e. Appropriately managing your time will give you the opportunity to end the interview in an organized and effective manner. During the MMI, the interviewer will often provide prompts designed to direct you.

Listen carefully to the cues provided so you can take advantage of any new information that may be introduced. The prompts may guide you to the specific issues that are the focus of each rotation.

Although success cannot be guaranteed, your performance can improve significantly by learning about the interview process, acquiring strategies to avoid the common pitfalls, and knowing ways to sell yourself so that you get the place that you deserve.

Poise under pressure can make the difference between achieving your goals and falling just short. As you get ready for the big day, mock interviews should be a key part of your preparations. Simulating what you are about to experience will help build confidence, allowing you to remain calm and more organized on the interview day.

Preparing for the Multiple Mini Interview. Here are a few tips:. Understand the goal: You should aim to answer the questions in a manner that demonstrates that you are capable of being an excellent student and thereafter, an outstanding professional e. Work on time management: Many students experience difficulty with pacing and effectively answering the question in the allotted time.

Listen carefully: During the MMI, the interviewer will often provide prompts designed to direct you.Since it is a fairly new format, it can catch a lot of students off guard, as well as posing a challenge for teachers who are unsure how to prepare their pupils. Looking for example questions? MMI interviews consist of several short practical assessments, usually less than 10 minutes each.

There are a range of medical schools that use the MMI — you can see these below, as well as information on which stations each school has used in previous years. It varies from school to school — and you can see some guidance on this in the table above. You might face some of the following:. They will be testing your ability to make ethical and informed decisions, as well as your critical thinking and communication skills.

Interview Question: Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation

The trick is to try and develop your ability to formulate logical, well thought-out responses within a short time frame. MMI interviews can be daunting, especially for students who are used to working hard for exams and traditional interviews. The right kind of preparation will make all the difference. Station 1 : An actor plays the role of your elderly neighbour. You have 5 minutes to break the bad news to her.

Station 2 : You are given details of 15 individuals, including their age, sex and occupation. A nuclear attack is imminent and you are only allowed to save 5 of them from destruction. Which ones and why?

A prioritisation exercise. The emphasis is on problem solving and rational thinking under pressure. Tests verbal communication skills, the ability to break down the task into a series of small steps and your ability to check that the interlocutor is understanding what you are saying. Want more examples? Want realistic MMI practice? Try our MMI Circuits - created by doctors and education experts, our circuits have 20 practice stations to prepare you for your interview.

Our free Interview Question Bank has a range of example MMI stations and answer guides to help you in your preparation! Want to brush up on your medical news?

Medical Ethics are a key part of any med school interview. So - how much do you know? Take the quiz! Log in Sign up. MMI Interviews. MMI Help. MMI Circuits. MMI Questions.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity.

Multiple Mini Interview Practice Questions

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter vhunter Start date Dec 10, I hope it helps future students get an idea of what it's like.

Before the interview My interview session was held at Grafton campus on27th of November. I left my house at 9 to make sure there's plenty of time to spare. I arrived about 10 minutes before 10, and I was neither the first nor the last one to get to the waiting room. The room was filled with my fellow interviewees and student helpers; according to my helper, 2 cycles of interviews were being conducted simultaneously, for a total of 16 students at once.

Most of the girls were dressed the way I was: a blouse, business skirt and tights. One or two girls were wearing a jacket over a dress, while the guys were pretty much all dressed in suits with the jacket off. I made small talk with a med student, but I was nervous and I'm not exactly chatty at the best of times, so we fell to an awkward silence a few times. Just when I was starting to worry that the same would happen with my interviewers, another student came to escort me to my interview.

During the interview The interviews were conducted in small office-type rooms along a corridor not far from the medsci lab. Scenarios were written on laminated cards placed on chairs placed outside each room. At each station, I had 2 minutes to read the question and plan my answer. During this time, my student helper provided me with water if I needed some. When the 2 minutes were up, a chime went off to signal the end of reading time and I was led into the room.

multiple mini interview question bank

The stationed all started the same way: the interviewer and I exchanged brief introductions, the interviewer confirmed that I have read the scenario, and they asked me what I thought about it. It was very conversational; I wasn't expected to give a speech. Generally, I opened the conversation by stating my initial thoughts, and they asked me follow-up questions so that I could elaborate on my answer or explain my reasoning.

Often, the topic gradually drifted away from the scenario; I think I had the "why medicine? Another chime rang after 6 minutes. I finished up my answer if I was in the middle of speaking, thanked the interviewer and was escorted to the next room which was usually just next door by my student helper.

As it turned out, I didn't need to worry about running out of things to say; 6 minutes came pretty quickly. I was given the following scenarios possibly paraphrased : 1.Complete the questions below then submit to see answers and explanations.

Alternatively, download the pdf version. A friend calls you from the hospital with the news that he has been diagnosed with acute appendicitis. He has asked you to bring a hospital bag for him as soon as possible. You only have space to bring 5 items for him for an unspecified amount of time.

multiple mini interview question bank

What do you bring and why? Answer: You should think about what will be absolutely necessary for him to be comfortable in the hospital for approximately days.

In addition, you should also think about entertainment. You can only watch so many day-time soap operas at once! Maybe there is a book he would enjoy reading but nothing too difficult, because he will recently have been sedated or headphones so he can listen to music. A new drug that claims to cure HIV is available through a study. A patient walks in requesting to be placed on this study; however, you know that the data shows the drug to be less than or as successful as current approved HIV treatments.

How do you advise the patient and why? Answer: First you should praise the patient for having performed his own research.

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This person is clearly invested in their own treatment. Second, explain the results of the study and that these results are most likely preliminary and so there is no guarantee that this drug will cure HIV.

In addition, it is possible that there could be unknown serious side effects of this new drug. Also explain that current drugs have been shown to be just as successful as the new drug with known and manageable side effects. You are a GP filling in for Dr. Rupp who has called in ill for the day. You have been warned that Mrs. Grady in room does not respond well to medical professionals other than Dr. Rupp; however, her test results have been returned and Mrs. Grady has stage 2 lung cancer.

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